LOBBY DREAMS | A Film By Nizan Kasper

LOBBY DREAMS | A Film By Nizan Kasper


Das German's know what's what when it comes to putting a street part together. Don't believe me, then ask Lem Villemin or Justin Sommer and see what they think. 'Nuff said.


Now, years on from Lem setting the pace for future German street skaters, we've got Lobby Skateshop, who've been active in the Hamburg scene since 2016, providing a full length for your eyeballs.


Vague Skate Mag just released a full interview with Christoph Friedmann alongside his full part, which is full of tech ledge tricks, nose manuals and sweet ambient synth music to accompany it all. Christoph opens up the video with a mix of tech ledge tricks with a flip in, flip out, manuals and the expected mix of obscure lesser seen German spots.


The stand out part of the video for me though, has to be Niklas Speer's part, he does some sick blunt slide across the stairs which was rad and has a nice bit of hi-jinx with your usual pedestrians. None of the video is particularly full of mind melters, but I think that's one of those things you no longer need in videos. If it's well filmed, well put together and represents your scene well, then that's what resonates with people.


Check out the full video below.



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