Vans Showdown 2022 | Full recap

Vans Showdown 2022 | Full recap


Now, I don't usually like watching any contests, Dime Glory Challenge not included, let alone writing about them. But I'm making an exception, and when you watch the highlights - you'll understand why.


The Vans Showdown 2022 happened a couple of weeks ago in Huntington Beach, CA. A far cry from Bolton, that's for sure. Now, I'm sure you were all eagerly sat there watching the 3 hour long live stream... yeah, thought so. Well, for those who missed it, or maybe looked away for a minute, Thrasher did the honourable thing, and did a full recap for us, condensing 3 long hours into 8 minutes of GT, Zion Wright, Ronnie Sandoval and more, ripping this course a new one.


As you can tell, never overly stoked on these kid of things, but this one did surprise me, firstly the Palace Golf GTI from the iBun series of boards, made an appearance as an obstacle, there was a heavy prescene from our golden boy Danny Brady, and the lesser seen Johnny Layton footage, which I was stoked to see! Johnny is sick!


To be honest, it was refreshing to see a competition that wasn't taking itself too seriously, minus the TV cameras and live streaming... And even nicer to see Ronnie Sandoval absolutely shut down the park (wait for his last trick). I'm sure you're all with me when I say I was absolutely heartbroken to not see THE JAH there, with a stern looking face aiming for top spot, get well soon 'JAH... or don't.


Check out the full recap below. 



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