Louie Lopez: Honour Roll | Spitfire Wheels

Louie Lopez: Honour Roll | Spitfire Wheels

It feels like Louie Lopez has been in our lives forever and before writing this I checked back on all his parts and I guess that's because he has. From the days of United By Fate, if you remember those Globe videos, to Disorganised Fun from Flip... Louie's 27 and has more parts than years he's been alive.


The latest instalment of mind melting skateboarding from Louie comes in the form of a Spitfire Honour Roll part, 4 minutes of typical Louie action. The first line sets the precedent from the whole part, speed, trick selection and pop to match. Honest to God, if he doesn't win S.O.T.Y this year, everything is fucked. I can't think of anyone who is more deserved. Louie's the kind of skateboarder that people who are older than him look to for inspiration... that's how good he is, and he seems like the nicest human ever. And if you ever wonder how Louie came to be as good as he is and as seemingly rad a human, check out this funny interview from Big Lou (Louie's Dad) here.


Check out his full part below and have a look at our full selection of Hockey goods here.


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