Palace Skateboards | Spring 2020 Collection | S19

Palace's first offering of 2020 is here with new Pro models from Lucien Clarke, Jamal Smith, a restock on the SB (South Bank) deck & some great twists on the classic Tri-Ferg. The Tri-Gaine series comes in a spectrum of colours and sizes from 8, 8.1, 8.375 & 8.5 so should have you all covered. In addition is the Dart Fire and lighting decks with contrasting top ply prints available in 7.75" for those stuck in the early noughties and 8.6" for those people stuck doing fast plants in the shallow end.
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Geoff Rowley's 20 Years on Vans Mini Ramp Session | Ryan Robinson | Hanguponline

After receiving a message from Ryan a month ago about a corrupted hard drive containing his back catalogue, it was a relief to see this edit surface on . To Celebrate Rowley's 20 Years on Vans (2019) they hosted a Mini Ramp jam plonking it outside the Bombed out Church at Berry St, Liverpool.
Filmed/Edited by Ryan Robinson and Presented by Hang Up Online. Featuring in order of appearance; Christian Hosoi, Dave Mackey, Daryl Dominguez, Mikey Joyce, Charlie Birch, Denis Lynn, Jasper Clough, Jordan Sharkey, Trevor Johnson, Sam Pulley and Aaron Jago. See Below.
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#ShuvitCancer - Elaine Shallcross In 2018 Elaine Shallcross was diagnosed with breast cancer, after receiving treatment tailored to her Cancer she is now undergoing her second wave of chemotherapy and on the road to recovery. Elaine would now in a way like to give back by raising donations for The University...

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ATMOSPHERE 2 - By Zak Watson

A film by Zak Watson dedicated to the Oxford skateboarding scene. Oxford has a rich history inside and outside of Skateboarding with some hidden gems (new & old) dotted around the City.
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JENKEM - Jeremy Wray | Water Tower Revisited

Jenkem link up with Jeremy Wray, to revisit the holy ground where the famous water Tower Ollie went down in 1997 also making the cover of Thrasher. The group discuss how the idea came about and clarify the exact distance, scale & insanity of the gap. Tony Willie clambered up with Kickflip wishes only to veto the id
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The Nine Club - Ian Michna

A great way to start the week. Ian Michna (Creator of Jenkem) delves into the origins of the online platform & the ever developing ways we consume content. From earlier interviews with the likes of Jeremy Rogers. helping the site to gain momentum to that viral clip of 'Kanye doing...

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