Nothing Meaner | Dean Lane Skatepark | Bristol, UK.

The 'local skatepark' is undoubtedly the cornerstone of skate scenes globally, whilst over the years we notice them pop up more frequently they can be taken for granted and sometimes even resented when you can't drag any fucker off it. However from the fights to glue sniffing or preferred tipple, above most these are the hub of skateboarding legacy over generations. Past, present and yet to come. Presented here in this beautiful piece is the story from the very beginning of Dean Lane park in Bristol, one of the first of its kind in the UK. Attracting skateboarders from much further than just Bristol, this place has a rich history and became the teething ground of some UK legends. Seeing the development of the park overtime, to keep up with trends in the changing style demands is the essence of the Do it yourself attitude embedded in skateboarding still apparent in the present day. Enjoy.
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