One Last Question | Charlie Arlett

One Last Question | Charlie Arlett

Exactly what you never knew you needed on a grim, wet Friday morning, some classic shapes from shop favourite Charlie Arlett. If you don't know Charlie, you've been sleeping on one of the sickest ledge skateboarder's in the UK. Not only if Charlie technical beyond belief, he's got pop and the style to match it. 


Filmed by Louis-Jean La Grange across Reading and London over the last few months, it features the usual ledge wizardry we've all come to expect from Charlie and the usual pinch you'd expect from a bloke who can flip in, flip out of anything. What's the odds on Charlie growing up with a picture of Torey Pudwill above his bed? Pretty high, I reckon.


Charlie's a killer and the part put together for The Skateboarder's Companion just shines an even greater light on his high work ethic and impeccable footwork. Charlie's gonna blow, just give it some time.. Oh and don't ask him about that Polar premiere, bit of a sore subject... ask Keen. 


Check out his full part below, drink in the ledge tech and let it wash over you. Hopefully some footage for the shop coming from Charlie soon.


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