Hockey X | Grunge, Dirt Manuals and Choppy Hi8 Footage

Hockey X | Grunge, Dirt Manuals and Choppy Hi8 Footage

What can be said about Hockey that hasn't already been said? Probably not much... The demon offspring of Fucking Awesome, Hockey doesn't have that younger brother syndrome where they just blindly replicate everything their predecessor has done before, they carve out their own path.

The video has this weird B-Movie vibe that almost now feels synonymous with Hockey, from their graphics, to their adds, to the videos - it all feels like a budget 80's horror movie. Instantly distinguishable.


The video opens up with the long boy himself, John Fitzgerald and hits thr ground running from there. My personal favourites from the video are the lesser observed Diego Todd, he has the best part in my opinion - followed by Nik Stain (a national treasure) and the constant crowd favourite, Kevin Rodrigues. The video as a whole is like stepping into a void of films you never knew existed and tricks you didn't know you wanted to see, or thought are possible.

Directed by George Pukas, check out the full 21 minute video below.


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