'YS UK' from Yardsale

'YS UK' from Yardsale

Woioi, get Shazam back at the ready, the Yardsale boys are back at it again. This time stepping far outside the usual realms of London back streets and into the big wide world.


'YS UK' video came out via Free Skate Mag a few days ago and it is, as expected, fucked. From Dudley to Swansea and everywhere in between, Dan Kretiem and the crew have been busier than ever. Leaving no amount of British crust untouched, lock yourself into what looks kinda like if Palace and a Bristol based vintage shop had a love child.

If you've seen anything from Yardsale before you'll know that the blend of Hi8, SD and HD footage makes for a visual delight and this newest instalment doesn't disappoint.


Although Yardsale, (effectively working as a feeder company to Palace) have lost a few riders to the powers that be over the last couple of years - most notably Mr Birch and Kyle, there's always someone to take their place. Stepping up to the oche (yes, I did have to Google the spelling of that one) this time is Bristol's finest Bear Myles - who if you've not checked out his part by Lucien Parson's you definitely should. Watch Bear give Beeston Banks a good leathering and even finding new lines at Wolves Civic Centre... lesser seen. Oh and, peep that filming on his downhill line about 7:30 into the video - fair play Dan, smashed it there cocker.


There's some heavy spots in there and damn don't Curtis and Jake make it look easy, is there anything them boys won't drop in to? If there is I ain't found it yet.



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