'B TEAM VIDEO' from Classic Grip

'B TEAM VIDEO' from Classic Grip

Everytime I watch a Classic Grip video, I'm always like, fuck - usually American stuff is corny as hell but this is sick. Then I remember they're from Canada and it all makes sense.


The 'B TEAM' video from Classic Grip is out right now and man, I dunno what's in that Canadian water, but I feel like Canadians bring this fun jovial side back to skateboarding that's been missing for way too long. If you're sick of steady-cam movie level production or everyone filming kids nipples like a budget Strobeck, just keep your eyes locked in to this video.


The fact that they spend a fair portion of the video skating some crates and wood in a car park made me so nostalgic - look how much fucking fun they're having. It makes me feel like a 12 year old again, skating wooden pallets behind Streetwise Sports (anyone remember that place? No? Just me... ok).


But it's not all bullshitting, even if I am 90% sure it was made on 2016 iMovie - Alexis Lacroix is kicking about skating the weirdest homemade handrails with his usual flare and honestly I'm actually buzzin' off the video.


I'm gonna go and skate some bits of wood and a TV I saw outside my house on the way home from work last night while you lot go watch the video.


Montreal stand up, you lot are killing it. Dime X Classic Grip link up soon??



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