Sour 3 | Sour Solution

Sour 3 | Sour Solution

Don't ask me to say or pronounce his name out loud but, Gustav Tønnesen is up there in my top five filmer/skateboarders out there right now. There's something about these Scandinavians that makes them class at everything, maybe it's the well funded schooling systems, maybe it's the multifunctional city spaces which incorporates creativity and skateboarding into the fabric of each city? Or, maybe we only see the successful ones and there's a bunch of shit heads in Norway just like there is here... who knows? Who cares? Not me.


As to be expected, the newest instalment from the Sour Solution crew goes so fucking hard. There's one trick in it, which I don't even know what to call it, it's like a casper slide?? It should be absolutely stinking, so should most of the tricks done in this video, but for some reason they're not and I don't know why. 


When I watched the first Sour video in 2017, "I thought wow, that was so sick - there's no way they can top that. They'll probably fall into obscurity soon." Then Sour 2 came out and "I thought holy shit, they've done it again but even better. That's top tier, they cannot go harder than that". Then this latest instalment came out and I'm happy to say, I was wrong... again, they bloody smashed it to pieces. The filming is sick (albeit sometimes a little bit hazy and out of focus) the spots are insane (especially that wavy ledge, you'll know the one). And the skateboarding is so fun, so refreshing and so sick... no one's taking themselves overly seriously with their trick selection, they're just having fun and being creative and it shows.


It's very rare I can find myself sitting through a 36 minute video and not get slightly board or kinda drift off into my own head, I mean, skateboarding is so high level now, you feel like you've seen it all... and then this comes out and flips everything I thought I knew on it's head. I am beyond stoked on the video. I am probably actually gonna buy a Sour board next, so I guess the marketing worked, right?



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