DC Shoes | Play It Back feat. Jahmir Brown

DC Shoes | Play It Back feat. Jahmir Brown

From the lens that brought you the most raw and influential videos of the 2000's, Sabotage. Brian Panebianco is back with another masterpiece of a video, featuring every big shoe wearing, pants saggin', ledge hittin' 90's babies favourite skateboarder - Jahmir Brown.


One of the newest staples of the Palace team, Jahmir Brown brings us a taste of 1998 Philadelphia vibes every time you see him skate. He's probably one of few skateboarder's who can keep the old heads happy with his chunky DC's and switch crook combos, whist keeping up with the new kids on the block (yes, that is a reference to that boyband Mark Wahlberg came from).


You know when Brian Panebianco is behind the lens that the filming, spot selection and trick variations are always gonna be on point - channeling Love Park into each and every spot, no matter where it is. Now, I'm probably biased, but there's a reason the VX has been the most prolific camera in skateboarding since its inception and there's something about it that just feels right, maybe it's nostalgia, either way - I'm always a fan (when it's done right).


From Pier 7 to St Paul's, this part covers some serious air miles and the filming doesn't falter. Check the switch flip at Pier 7, I had to watch it back about 6 times. Oh, and the fakie hardflip manual... should be stinkin' but it's far from that.


This YouTube comment said it best 'This is gonna sound weird but if you edited clips of Stevie and co from back in the day into this vid, you wouldn't be able to tell it was decades apart.' And he's right, this is one of the best DC videos I've seen in a long time. So, DC, while everyone's still bumping saggy jeans and big chunky shoes, please, please, please let Brian keep making your videos... he's the best!


 Wait for the ender... style for miles.



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