Skate Café | Tenor

Skate Café | Tenor

A year or so after the last instalment from the ever productive Skate Café crew, with VX wielding co-owner Rich Smith behind the helm, we are gifted the online release of Tenor.


Bristol scene is healthy and doing very well, the Skate Café crew are keeping this running with some familiar faces in the newest ensemble of creativity and jazz inspired skateboard fusion. Carefully curated clips from Rich Smith with the help of additional filmers Quentin Gutherie, Josh Hallett, George Nevin and Mark Pritchard - you know you're in for a visual treat.

Also, I don't care what anyone says, when VX footage is done right, there's nowt that makes you feel the same. I will die on this hill.


Tenor, as expected is equal parts gnarly and creative from start to finish and features a whole host of UK rippers and a shit load of classic British crust. What's not to like? Jay Lentern is the manny god. And Rancid Harry is a BMXer now, get used to it. Also, I have never heard of Sam Nobbs before but he sets the video off with an absolute bang.




    • Sam Nobbs
    • Jay Lentern
    • Shaun Currie
    • Harry Ogilvie
    • Daniel Clarke
    • Josh Arnott
    • Dom Henry
    • Korahn Gayle
    • Layth Sami
    • Ollie Lock


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