Logan Taylor Welcome Part | $lave Skateboards

Logan Taylor Welcome Part | $lave Skateboards

I saw this pop up through Irregular Skate Mag, a wicked German Skate mag and I thought to myself whatever happened to $lave Skateboards? They had a decent presence in the UK for a while and I actually proper rated their boards. Shout out Neil Worthington of Tangerine Screen, who repped the heavy flow for them out of Manchester. I feel like $lave are just one of those companies that flies well below the radar with there being so much out there, undeservedly so.

Anyway, I hadn't thought about them for a while and then out popped Logan's welcome part. A bit different from the older $lave videos I was used to, this one had the HD footage out in full force. It was a welcome change, although it didn't really feel the same. But the skating speaks for itself. Logan hits all the rails, gaps and ledges that stand in his way, understandable why he's a part of the team. 


I don't want to spoil it, but wait for the Switch Front Biggie to 50-50 down a handrail, fucking insane. Dunno about the white pants though, pal.




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