'Never-ending Durscht - In Slovenia'

'Never-ending Durscht - In Slovenia'

Let's keep on the DIY theme following on from the last post.


I know what you're probably thinking - 'neverending durscht'? Literally no idea what it means. Slovenia? Never been, probably never will.. Irregular Skate Mag? Never heard of 'em. 


Well, cut that shit out right now. You're gonna wanna head to Slovenia after watching this one. Ice cold rivers, DIY's, beers with the crew and camp fire galore - how does that not sound like the perfect trip?


Jan Hoffmann, David Bachl, Tim Rebensdorf, Lorenz Schneider, Catherine Marquis & Nico Lovrić take a trip to the lesser seen Slovenia to rip a new arsehole into the DIY's there. This videos got most of the stuff I need from a homies video - it's got good music (minus the obvious GG Allin song in the latter part), good energy and made me wanna go out and skate. I am gonna sound like an old grumpy bugger but I do feel that nowadays most videos are so contrived it is physically painful to watch... but this shit, I like this shit. 

Give Irregular Skate Mag a follow, they've always got sick European stuff that you're not bored to death with seeing over and over again... you know the culprits.


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