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#ShuvitCancer - Elaine Shallcross

#ShuvitCancer - Elaine Shallcross

In 2018 Elaine Shallcross was diagnosed with breast cancer, after receiving treatment tailored to her Cancer she is now undergoing her second wave of chemotherapy and on the road to recovery. Elaine would now in a way like to give back by raising donations for The University of Aberdeen Development trust for Breast Cancer research. She has set herself the task of learning how to Pop Shuvit by July whilst never having actually set foot on a skateboard! Her target in July will also fall on her 69 birthday!
Elaine has encouraged comments and messages with any help or advice you may feel could help her on her quest, you can reach her via her Instagram which is linked HERE. 
At the top of the page we've linked Elaine's JustGiving page also where all donations can be made, she's set a target of £10k but lets get this campaign shared and help her knock this one out the park. 1 in 3 of us are likely to be diagnosed with Cancer with 1 in 8 of those being Women with Breast Cancer, we have all been effected or will be in our lives whether it be ourselves, family or freinds. So we feel this is a great campaign for us all to get behind! if your contribution is a donation, advice for Elaine's skating escapades or just sharing this story to build momentum for her cause, it all helps. Follow Elaine on her Instagram and follow hashtag #ShuvitCancer.
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