Palace Skateboards - BEYOND THE 3RD WAVE

Palace Skateboards - BEYOND THE 3RD WAVE

Buy Kyle Wilson's & Charlie Birch's debut Pro decks?

Palace skateboards latest release "BEYOND THE 3RD WAVE" is playing in full now. Charlie Birch & Kyle Wilson turn pro to coincide with the release with their Pro decks which you can purchase now at Tuesdays, Click here, Not going to get much better news than that today. Along with the new Pro additions you'll find the likes of Karim, Lucien, Lucas Puig, Shaun Powers, Rory Milanes, Louie Jones, Savannah, Chewy, Brady, Jamal Smith, Juan, Heitor & Jahmir Brown. Amazing things going on at the Palace camp as always, Enjoy. x

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