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JENKEM - Resurrecting the Infamous LA High Rail

JENKEM - Resurrecting the Infamous LA High Rail

In a year seemingly riddled with bad news, this story popping up in the feed last week was a bit of a blessing. 
- 'In Words of JENKEM'-
"A few months back we met Cory Keen, who builds all kinds of ramps, flatbars, and other high-quality obstacles that most of us made bootleg versions of with scrap wood and shipping palettes.
Cory said he’s been wanting to build an exact replica of the L.A. High handrail (the almost tiny looking one from back in the day) and install it in the spot where the school took it out 15 years ago.
This was a no brainer for us, so after a little bit of planning and historic photo research, we joined in and worked together to recreate the famous spot as closely as possible to its original glory.
We snuck into the school late last Saturday night to bolt the rail into the stairs, then Sunday morning invited a bunch of skateboarders over to session it. The rail will be there until/if the school decides to tear it out, so get there while you can if you want a piece of re-history.
Filmed & Edited by: Bobby Bils
Additional filming: Cameron Holland, Spencer Burdock, Blake Housenga
Special Thanks: Thomas Barker, Cory Keen"
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