Japanese Super Rat |

Japanese Super Rat | "LENZ III" | Tightbooth Part

The highly anticipated and expertly executed Japanese Super Rat part from Tightbooth Lenz III is online now. 


Some hybrid Gou Miyagi/Chris Atherton type, VX cultivation from the always perfect Shinpei Ueno, you almost know what to expect from him... until you watch the video and then your heads mashed again. 


I reckon I've watched this through about 10 times already and I don't know what the fuck half of the tricks are. It's a head scratcher of a part but it's the most fun skateboarding has felt to me in a while, pure fun and skateboarding whcih is fully creative and out of the box.


It's a marmite part, you'll either be mad he's putting his feet on the floor and running about like a madman or you'll be stoked on the creativity.


Either way, check out the full thing below live now on Thrasher Magazine.



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