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Jack Gittins | Northern Lights VOL. 2 - SOLSTICE

Jack Gittins | Northern Lights VOL. 2 - SOLSTICE

Second instalment coming in hot, "Northern Lights Volume 2 is a film I shot over the Summer Solstice. Skating Street in Leeds City centre & Woodhouse. Featuring Chris Brady. Scott Brady, Jess Winter, Rory Boyle, Dan Foster, Callum Smith and Joe Winters. I Did originally want to make a feature length scene video, but i thought releasing shorter volumes would give me a goal for Lockdown life and something for my friends to watch. Possibly in the future I can make a feature Film and have a premiere, but for the near future I'll be aiming to put out a short skate flick once a month. I've got this great idea for Vol.3 so hold tight it's gonna be a fun one x" - Jack Gittins.
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