'Place Presents' might be my favourite series from any magazine. Place Mag are sick. Their content is always top notch and the videos always bang, it's like watching a constant stream of Jim Craven videos.


This video by Impulso, is centred around Leipzig in Germany, and focuses on a number of certi killers from around Lepzig and Munich. It's 52 minutes, so I doubt you'll watch it all - even though it is worth it.


Bambule is about getting together with your mates, having fun and enjoying the city around you, no matter where you are. I'm sure that's all something we can relate to after being shafted by a bunch of Tory wankers into staying inside while they did a solid spot of partying - sorry I mean, work meeting.


My personal highlight part was from Ben Rappel, he fucking rips - solid back three and anyone who skates to that tune deserves my ultimate respect. This will be one of those videos that barely anyone watches yet really signifies what's beautiful about scene videos and skateboarding. But nah, you're all too busy licking Bill Strobeck's arse or searching for the newest vintage trend. You just wait until Bill catches a case, too much smoke for there to be no fire... anyway, enjoy the video.



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