Bronze TV Channel 56 Video | Thrasher Magazine

Bronze TV Channel 56 Video | Thrasher Magazine

In typical fashion, Bronze have just provided their latest mind expansion pack, featuring Mark Humienik, John Shanahan and the usual suspects. 18 minutes of nostalgia filled fuckery and iconic New York night lines.


There's something about what Peter Sidlauskas has always done with Bronze which has set their edits in a league of their own, it's the kind of videos that you can watch again and again, or even watch with people who don't skate. This video is no exception and is packed with nostalgic gems, saggin' pants and banging night lines. Also peep the first trick of the video, loose and wild, just the way we like it.


I kinda feel like the absolute unorthodox methods that comes into soundtracking, compiling and filming of the videos and Bronze as a whole, is what makes it so refreshing and successful. I can't be the only one fucking sick of the classic skate video layout? Surely...




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