Boltswagen | das bolts

Boltswagen | das bolts


Montreal, Canada... Home to Dime, you know the one... the one that road man think is Dior when they see the logo and it all gets a bit weird as you try and explain it to them. Well, Montreal ain't just Dime - the scene is absolutely thriving and after watching 'das bolts' it makes you wanna throw out any ideas of going to Barcelona to skate MACBA (original) and jump straight on a flight to Canada.


Presented by Place Mag, The Boltswagen crew open up the video with a plethora of lesser seen spots, from crusty back street transition to huge krooked grinds down rails (I'm looking at Vinny Blouin for that one, 4.45 in) these lot leave nothing untouched.


If you're gonna watch anything this week, make it this. Tom Wright closes the video off with some of the most disturbingly outlandish manual combinations i've ever seen, fair fucking play. Although, we might have to have Weckingball check that ender... 



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