Ben St. Aubin's part in

Ben St. Aubin's part in "Rendered" | by Daniel Policelli | Jenkem

Woah, first things first, Ben skates faaaaast, maybe not Busenitz fast, but fast. He skates the weirdest spots, and pulls out some unconventional tricks. There's a nice blend of some speed, some tech and some nice gaps - Ben covers all aspects in this 3 and a half minute part filmed by Daniel Policelli.


It's a really well filmed and put together part which showcases his all terrain approach to everything that comes his way. There's some wild spots and my personal favourite, the DIY kicker to manual pad on a construction site in the street. Full marks for creativity. Coming straight outta Toronto there's a wild mix of lesser seen spots and some much appreciated love from the homies throughout the video.


Did anyone else see him wearing a little shiesty in one clip too? The NY Drill Scene knows no boundaries of influence, clearly... 

Anyway, check out his part below and drink it in, it's got me stoked to see the full video, although, I dunno where to find it? Anyone?



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