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aaron glazebrook, adam greenhalgh, ben yates, bill barwood, david allen, Joe Brooks, mathew cottam, tom searson, Veta Summer - Ep 3 - By Damian Lever -

3rd installment of the series by Veta (Damian Lever), Episode 3 consists of some street throwaway in and around Bolton & the gatherings of a recent trip to Denmark. Contents :  David Allen, Bill Barwood, ben Yates, Aaron Glazebrook, Joe Brooks, Tom Searson, Mathew Cottam & Adam Greenhalgh. veta - summer from vetaskateco on Vimeo.  

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adam greenhalgh, Corbin Farrell, Joe Brooks, Lewis Hilton, NW Streets Vol. 1, Ryan Hall -

Filmed between the street of Bolton and Manchester is the first installment from Joe Brooks, NW Streets. Featuring the likes of Adam Greenhalgh, Corbin Farrell, Lewis Hilton, Joe Brooks & Ryan Hall.

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adam greenhalgh, caleb kane, comp, goblyn crew, jack richards, jam, james brown, luke martin, skatepark jam, tom bentham, tom cottam, tom searson, wilf -

First of all thanks a lot to everyone that came down! On the 23rd of June '17 it was a year since the shop was opened so what better way to celebrate than to give back to the scene that makes the shop what it is. The organisation was a bit wishy washy but will make sure its all tweaked and good to go for the next annual celebration.  Thanks a lot to Dan 'Gobber D' Robinson for filming/Finessing the Photoshop goodness for the event, to Caleb Kane for editing it all up & to Tom Searson for judging and...

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