Venture Trucks Buyer's Guide

Buying trucks can be confusing, especially because each brand has their own styles and sizing. If you're new to skateboarding, or even if you're not, there's a lot of questions you might have.

What size trucks fit my board? What style suits me best? Which trucks do I buy?

With Venture trucks, there are a variety of different sizes and styles to sort through before you can make the right decision. This short buyer's guide will hopefully help you make some sense of the jargon, and figure out what truck you need, first try.

What sizes are there in Venture and what do they mean?

There are a few different sizes which means, no matter your board size, Venture have got you covered, let's dig in below:

Venture 5.0: The Venture 5.0 is the perfect size for boards under 8", hosting a 7.62" axel, basically it's perfect for you guys still living in 1993.

Venture 5.2: The Venture 5.2 is the size you'll need if you're riding a board between 7.9" - 8.1", hosting a 8.2" axel. Available in Hi or Low.

Venture 5.6: These trucks are perfect for boards between 8.1" and 8.3", a perfect median truck and relatively new to the Venture family.

Venture 5.8: The Venture 5.8 is for the bigger boards, those who are right on trend, the perfect board sizes for the 5.8 are between 8.4"- 8.6" wide.

Venture 6.1: Venture 6.1 is the big lad of trucks, for those larger sizes for people who've clearly given up on doing any flip tricks, or maybe just enjoying making it hard for themselves. The perfect board sizes for the 6.1 is for 8.62" and above.


Check out the full collection of Venture trucks available here.

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