Vans Half Cab | Half Cab History, Sizing and Everything You Need To Know.

Half Cab History
The Vans Half Cab was the second pro shoe from Steve Caballero, you remember the kid from Animal Chin? No? The old bloke with the helmet who does crazy rock slides in the Vans Pool Party comps? Yeah, him, lesser known as skateboarding's Leonardo DiCaprio... and it's not for his acting abilities.
The half cab was the second signature shoe offered to Caballero following the huge success of his first shoe, 'The Caballero' which is now known as a Vans Sk8-Hi. This second shoe came from skateboarder's across the country, including Cab himself, cutting the Caballero down to a mid top shoe, to give them more fluidity and control in street skateboarding, which was beginning to explode across the US. The Mid Top, now known as the Half Cab was offered as the second of Steve's signature shoes in 1992 to fill a growing gap in Vans market. From then, until now, the half cab has been a staple of skateboarding and the Vans range. 

What's different about the Half Cab?
The Half Cab Pro shoe consists of a two piece two cap, the iconic Vans Waffle sole, it also works with premium upper and outer material across the side paneling and across the sole of the shoe. The Half Cab Pro, which is what we see in the Vans Skate line today, also has a thicker insole featuring Ultra-cushion technology, patented by Vans.
How does the half cab fit?
The Half Cab Pro Skate range from Vans fit true to size and lightly hug your feet giving you unrivalled board-feel and comfort straight out of the box. With double stitching on the inner and outer panels of the shoe, not only are the Half Cabs, comfy, they're reliable and long lasting too.
Where can I find a pair of Half Cabs?
You can find Half Cabs in many different colours and sizes via our website here, featuring the most recent Dime Collab with Vans, and a whole host of other colours, materials and sizes. And you can even check out the lesser seen Bruce Lee Half Cabs here too.
If you've got any more questions, feel free to drop us a message and we'll be happy to help you find the right Half Cabs for you!
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