Thunder Trucks Buyer's Guide


Buying Trucks is confusing, if you don't have the right size trucks then it's gonna cause you a lot of problems, or a lot of hassle with returns. 

Everyone has questions about their trucks, or what trucks they need, but often - you don't wanna ask. So check out this buyer's guide for Thunder Trucks where we're going to break down the different styles and sizes for you to make it a little easier.

What size Thunder trucks do I need for my board size?

Thunder 145: These are perfect for board sizes between 7.4" and 7.9", for the old school skinny board crew.

Thunder 147: The 147 trucks from Thunder are perfect for board sizes between 7.9" and 8.125" in width.

Thunder 148: These are probably the most common size for an average board in 2022, the 148 fits perfectly for board sizes between 8.125" and 8.38" wide.

Thunder 149: The Thunder 149 are the perfect size truck for wider boards between 8.38" and 8.62" providing stability for a larger board.

What styles do Thunder do? And what's the difference?

Thunder trucks come in a variety of different styles which while all similar, have a few key differences that set them apart, let us detail them below for you to make the choice a bit simpler.

Out of Thunder Trucks we have a few key styles stocked which never fail to please, these are:

  • Thunder Team Editions - The Team editions are the classic style and shaped Thunder trucks, hosting premium grade kingpins, which aren't gonna get ground down within a week (making it impossible to loosen your trucks). They are also lightweight and ultra-responsive sitting at 50mm axel height and providing quick turn geometery. A classic staple for any board.

  • Thunder Lights - Thunder Lights are a lightweight alternative upgrade to the classic Thunder Team Trucks, these feature hollow premium kingpins which maintain the same durability but also are a lot lighter than your standard kingpin. The Lights also have an aluminium baseplate and a 49mm axel height, making the Thunder Lights significantly lighter than your average truck without compromising in quality.


Check out the entire Thunder Collection in stock here.


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