Everything You Need To Know When Buying Your First Skateboard 




We stock a wide range of complete beginner set ups for all disciplines and sizes. Frist off you will need to establish what size skateboard you would like, ideally at this stage we'd advise you to come in store where you are welcomed to have a stand on various size (width) skateboards to see which you gravitate towards. Whilst you may be advised that shoe size is relevant to this decision we'd advise it would be narrowed down more to preference and what kind of skateboarding you wish to do. I.e. ramp, flip tricks or a bit of everything.

Shop by size

In this section you can find a rough breakdown of what size brackets to look in with regards to age and height. Boards start from mini (7" wide) all the way to full size in the region of 8.5" +.

3'5" in height and below (Ages 5-) ; Ideally in this circumstance you would be aiming for a 7" Micro board or below. Open the chat in the right hand corner to discuss options that may not be currently available on the site.

3'6" - 4'5" (Ages 6 - 8) ; In the bracket you'll be looking at a 7" - 7.5" board. The ranges an options broaden a lot wider when going up in size. As always feel free to open up the chat (bottom right) to discuss specifics in this age range further.

4'6" - 5'2" (Ages 9 - 12) ; Starting from a 7.5" - 8" would be a good spectrum to start with this age range. As referred to in the introductory section the smaller the deck width the easier it will be to maneuver when tackling basic flip tricks however for cruising and ramp a wider board in this range may be more suited to your needs. Completes can always be customised or parts upgraded for additional cost, just open up the chat bottom right to discuss further.

5'3" + (Ages 13+) ; 8" wide +,For this demographic the range becomes quite broad. Ideally we'd recommend to aim around the 8" mark but anywhere up to 8.25" would be suitable if you a gravitating more towards ramps or street skateboarding. Between an 8"-8.25" with a wheel hardness of 99 A to 101 A you'll pretty much have all bases covered for whatever you'd like to tackle, I.e. Grinds, flip tricks, ramps & more. If you feel you need more guidance on choosing your first skateboard feel free to open up the live chat with your preference and we'll send you some recommendations.

Completes, Undercarriages or Custom?

There are lots of off the shelf options which come fully assembled ready to ride, you can shop those by clicking here! 

We also supply undercarriage kits which come with everything you need but the board making it easy to create a custom complete ensuring that all the components are suitably fitted together. It will be specified on each size what range of board width will be compatible. Shop all out undercarriages by clicking here, add a deck which fits to the cart and you're all done! We will contact you to see if you would like this assembling or received separate. 

Finally you have the Custom Complete which will require you to select an item from each of the following categories; Decks, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Hardware & if needed a T-Tool for assembly. These can range from £100+ depending on which components you choose, detailed descriptions of each item can be found on each product page. Click here to build your Custom complete, for further assistance feel free to open the chat (bottom right).





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