Montana Spray Paint Buyer's Guide

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Never has it been so easy to use aerosol spray paint cans, with a low pressure valve and a wide palette of colours this makes the MTN 94 an easy aerosol spray paint to hold and to easily use.

Montana has been in the upper echelon in the realms of graffiti spray paint since the early 90's, the release of the MTN 94 in 2008 paid homage to the roots of Montana and the original Montana Hardcore Spray Cans.

MTN 94 is a great happy medium, easy to use and versatile paint which can easily work alongside Montana Colours Hardcore gloss chrome paint.

With over 200 different colours, the MTN 94 is well equipped for any circumstances you see fit. Alongside the low pressure valves, the quick dry properties of MTN 94 make it ideal for quick resprays with no risk of dripping.

What can I use Montana Spray Paint For?

Can I Spray Paint my car with Montana Graffiti Paint? I guess you could, but we wouldn't recommend it.

What should I use MTN 94 spray paint for? MTN 94 being the most versatile spray paint from Montana has a load of different purposes, from graffiti, to spraying your bike there's a plethora of different uses for MTN 94.


How quickly can I get my spray paint?

We ship all orders of paint before 2pm on a next day delivery service. So, pretty quick. (May differ if you're ordering one can, you don't be daft - grab a load).



 Where can I buy Spray Paint in Bolton, Greater Manchester?

We carry all stock of MTN 94 shown on the site in our Bolton Town Centre location. The store is located on Bridge street next door to Xrecords. Opening hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 1030-1730. For directions search postcode  BL1 2EG on maps.

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