Ace Trucks Buyer's Guide

Founded by Joey Tershay (Brother to Nicky Tershay of Diamond Supply Co.) Ace trucks MFG can be considered the New kids on the block when it comes to Truck technology. With a very much established market of older brands dominating the share Ace have been able to creep in with corrections to classic design to improve both feel and durability on a basic truck.

First off, What size Ace trucks do I need for my Deck?

Ace trucks Start from 00 - 66, below you can see a breakdown of the sizes we stock and which decks they fit. Scroll for diagram demonstration.

For decks 7.75" - 8.125" ; Ace size 33

For decks 8.125" - 8.5" ; Ace size 44

For deck 8.5" - 9.125" ; Ace size 55

Ace Trucks Size guide chart for decks
Why are Ace trucks better? What's good about Ace Trucks?
The General focus for Ace Trucks and what stands them apart from the crowd is the turning. If you are after trucks on the looser side with a broad turn, Ace are for you. After an inhouse demo & multiple online reviews this is the general consensus of the experience. Turnability and Responsiveness were some of the key points brought back across the board of reviews, ranging from mounting slappy's to carving bowls.
When was Ace established?
 Ace has been around since 2006, however it's only in recent years the brand has managed to catapult itself into the big leagues with the likes of Independent, Venture & Thunder. Owner Joey Tershay continues to push the brand in the right direction.
How much do Ace Trucks Cost?
Ace trucks are nicely placed on the pricing scale with the standard classic coming in between £59.00-£61.00 & the bigger brother AF1 prices at £65.00 a pair. We're more than happy to price match any U.K. skate store product for product upon request. (Please no eBay or Amazon links)
Where are Ace Trucks Made? 
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