Lakai Footwear


Founded by Mike Carroll & Rick Howard in 1999. Lakai is designed for skateboarders by skateboarders, focusing on longevity & working closely with team riders to produce the skate shoes we see today. The pair already having a huge influence on  the skateboarding community blossoming from Girl & Chocolate their audience was already present for an additional shoe company.
Lakai have a catalogue of bar raising videos produced by Ty Evans & Spike Jonez, Fully Flared was ground breaking for its time with special effects, explosions & a star studded cast. The team whilst ever growing currently stands with Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Tony Hawk, Vincent Alvarez, Stevie Perez, Riley Hawk, Danny Brady, Jesus Fernandez, Yonnie Cruz, Simon Bannerot, Tyler Pacheco, James Capps, Nico Hiraga, Griffin Gass, and Jimmy Wilkins. In Previous years Lakai have alaso accomodated greats like Lucas Puig, Eric Koston, Marc Johnson & Anthony Pappalardo.
With 20 Years of design and development under their belts, its clear to see Lakai sit at the top of their game, consistently improving skateboarding footwear technology with ever growing ranges. For Skateboarders by Skateboarders.

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